Package Details:
  Package Name : MV APP - SMS MEMBERSHIP (Classic Plan)
  Validity Period : 1 MONTH
  Normal Price : RM599
  Promo Price : RM399
  Savings : 33%
  Shared Shortcode : 1
  SMS Keyword Credit : 1
  Voucher Code : AP805


Product Description

Social networking has created new ways to communicate and share information and is now used regularly by millions of people around the world. There are many social networking platforms for both consumers and businesses, with a wide range of networking and information sharing options. Introducing SMS Membership application, one of the most effective but low cost value added service to your business . No matter what you do, we can help you stay connected with your customers, followers, or friends through texting. We have built the application with you in mind which is why it's so incredibly easy to use. Until , most people assumed using texting as their main way of staying connected to customers and followers was pretty much impossible or way to expensive to even think of trying. Isn't it crazy how one good service can completely change the way we all think? Try and stay connected!

All packages come with:

Sender ID - Excellent Branding Tool Daily backup and secured data
Advanced Analytics for Mobile Marketing No Contract Required
No limit on Sign Ups No Set Up or Activation Fees
Send immediate or on scheduled date Real Time Delivery Report
Organize contacts into Groups (no limit) High Delivery Speed
Admin Control for Downline Users API Documents
Classic Plan
  75% Profit Sharing
  1 Short Code
  1 Month Validity
Silver Plan
  80% Profit Sharing
  1 Short Code
  3 Months Validity
Gold Plan
  85% Profit Sharing
  1 Short Code
  6 Months Validity
Platinum Plan
  90% Profit Sharing
  1 Short Code
  12 Months Validity
SMS Payment
SMS Contest
SMS Voucher

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